Singularity Aerotech Asia

Our Products (In House IoT)

Our product is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for remote data collection in rural areas.

Soil moisture
Air Quality

Our Area of Expertise

SATU Logger

  • Our proprietary in-house IoT Data Logger exemplifies top-notch compatibility and efficiency.
  • It effortlessly interfaces with a wide spectrum of industrial sensors, ensuring uninterrupted data aggregation.


  • Elevate your data management experience with UrusTani.
  • Our sophisticated server platform provides a comprehensive and unified hub for all your IoT data, ensuring real-time accessibility and sophisticated analysis.

What We Offer


Our experts adeptly integrate our IoT Data Logger with your pre-existing industrial sensors, ensuring a seamless setup process.


We offer end-to-end installation services, guaranteeing the smooth establishment of your IoT infrastructure.

Post Installation Support

Our commitment extends beyond installation. We provide dedicated after-sales support to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.