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Remote Monitoring Farm Made Easy

Monitor your farm remotely.

IoTani is a solution that autonomously gathers data from multiple IoT devices such as environmental sensors and drone. The data gathered are collated in our UrusTani to be visualized, unlocking valuable insights.

How It Works

Data Collection

Sensor devices, drones, user input, etc

Data Analysis & Action Plan

Data collected are integrated, analyzed and visualized, in our UrusTani

Precision Farming

On-site actions based on real-time and reliable trend analysis enabled by IoT

Data base Creation

Data gathered in a single dashboard to unlock insights and reliable historical data

Key Features

Precision Farming

Enables farmers to monitor & analyze various environmental factors

Livestock Monitoring

IoTani devices can track the health, behavior, & location of livestock

Smart Greenhouses

Control & optimize the environmental conditions inside greenhouses

Crop Monitoring & Yield Prediction

IoTani devices combined with data analytics provide real-time information on crop growth, nutrient levels, & environmental conditions

Supply Chain Management

Track & monitor the movement of agricultural products from farm to market

Automated Equipment & Machinery

Enables remote monitoring & control of farming machinery

IoTani Solutions

Soil Monitoring System
Weather Monitoring System
Water Monitoring System