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Digital Farm Management System

Digitize Your Farm Today.

UrusTani is a Digital Farm Management System which aims to digitize all aspect of farm management such as tasks, records and reports in a digital platform. This will enable farm owners and workers to better manage their work-flows and ultimately increase their efficiency and quality of produce.

Key Features

Crop & Livestock Management

Enables farmers to track / monitor the health, growth, & productivity of their crop fields and livestock.

Field Mapping & Planning

Accurate mapping and planning of their fields, including crop rotation, irrigation, & fertilization plans. Allows better precision farming practices, optimizing resource utilization & minimizing environmental impacts.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Assists in managing inventory of farm supplies / track crops and livestock’s movement throughout the supply chain, enabling better traceability and quality control.

Data Analytics & Decision Support

The system collects & analyzes various data points from the farm / provides valuable insights & recommendations to farmers for informed decision-making.

Cost Control Management

Helps farmers to financial planning, budgeting, & cost analysis.

UrusTani Highlight

  • MyGAP compliance ready
  • Cost effective with no leaks and reliable information
  • Easy to get related funders, loans or government assistance
  • Real-time data visualisation
    Live farm monitoring, job progress report and resource status report
    Alerts & notifications based on current status and data
  • Subject Matter Experts’ input for preventive and corrective actions, displayed and updated live in the platform
  • Predictive & prescriptive farming (enabled in data analytics phase)
  • Mobile apps operation